Wine Paris

CSR initiative

Wine Paris is committed to sustainable development through various actions. Indeed, we are aware of the importance of these actions and are committed to supporting the sector in this transition towards responsible and sustainable production and management methods.

It is owned by VIPARIS, which is committed to a social and environmental responsibility approach for all its sites.

  • Our reuse platform to minimize waste from materials used at the show. Thanks to this innovative initiative, all exhibitors have the opportunity to make available the materials used for the layout and decoration of their stands, which will be recovered and used by various professionals, artists' groups, etc.
  • Automatic sorting and monitoring of the main waste: Glass bottles, corks and cardboard boxes will be collected, sorted and sent for recycling to specialised service providers.
  •  A green thread visible at the show and in our visit tools, which lists the producers engaged in an eco-responsible approach (organic or biodynamic production, HVE, CSR, etc.)

In addition, as an event organised by Comexposium, we meet all the group's commitments under its CSR policy.