CSR initiative

Wine Paris is committed to sustainable development through various actions. Indeed, we are aware of the importance of these actions and are committed to supporting the sector in this transition towards responsible and sustainable production and management methods.

It is owned by VIPARIS, which is committed to a social and environmental responsibility approach for all its sites.

  • During the dismantling, I pledge against leftovers!

Comexposium and Co-Recycle have set up on Wine Paris a digital donations platform and logistical support to promote the reuse of your furniture and your materials that can still be used. This free service helps to limit waste and reduce your costs associated with the weight of your waste / skips. The diverted resources will benefit to local associations, artist collectives and other structures... Do not hesitate to contact your client of your provider to determine with him the elements than can be given at the end of the show.

Examples of reusable elements: stands, decorations of all kinds, totems, counters, lighting, windows...

If you support the approach but you are constrained (time/logistics), you can simply report your stand and name by email to [email protected] 
During the assembly, a reuse ambassador will help you and inventory the elements that will be available at the end of the show.

Together, let's reduce waste!

For any question: +33 6 42 81 68 26 or [email protected]

  • Automatic sorting and monitoring of the main waste: Glass bottles, corks and cardboard boxes will be collected, sorted and sent for recycling to specialised service providers.
  • The wine world is changing and Wine Paris is breaking new ground with WONDERFUL!As part of Wine Paris 2020, WONDERFUL is all-set to enhance the visibility of wine growers, estates, co-operatives and trading firms that are committed to farming organically and using environmentally-friendly methods. Its aim is to echo current and future consumer trends and help identify existing best practice

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In addition, as an event organised by Comexposium, we meet all the group's commitments under its CSR policy.

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