International exhibitors

Welcome to Wine Paris!

An exceptional venue and top quality working conditions await all the southern and northern wine regions of the world at Wine Paris which will welcome producers from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Austria along with Chile, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand to name a few, in response to market and consumer demand.

As the world's cultural and gourmet food capital, Paris is an unparalleled hub for wine distribution and consumption. Its myriad wine merchants, wine bars, restaurants and hotels offer substantial business opportunities in a dynamic and rapidly changing marketplace.

Wine Paris offers access to the French market but also to other, emerging markets where buyers and consumers are looking for new propositions, particularly from wine regions in the New World.

Wine Paris is a unique, must-attend international trade and industry event showcasing a vast array of wines and wine regions at a key moment in the purchasing calendars of prominent international and French buyers, but also many wine merchants, sommeliers, restaurateurs and convenience shops in major French and European cities.

Attend Wine Paris to:

  • Expand your business in France (the leading wine consumer country per capita and 2nd-largest consumer country by volume) amongst major buyers (distributors, agents and supermarkets) but also local players such as wine merchants and caterers, sommeliers, restaurateurs and hoteliers;
  • Increase your market share in the major consumer markets of Europe (the leading consumer region accounting for 57% of global consumption by value);
  • Gain access to prominent international buyers who have been selected and invited as part of a large-scale “Hosted Buyers Program” including 250 of the largest importers in Europe, Asia and the Americas, as well as emerging wine markets.

Located in the heart of France and Europe, Wine Paris can offer hotel accommodation that is second to none in terms of size and variety, and will welcome 25,000 visitors, 35% from the leading wine consumer markets across the globe.