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Omni-consumer moments

…the ultimate consumer occasions!

On an everyday basis and for special occasions, consumers are looking for diversity, exploration and adventure!

Both complex and endearing, today’s consumers are ‘omni’ – they want to learn fast, experiment, commit to things, constantly come up with new ideas and let others know about it. This attitude is supported by the 18-35-year-olds – the so-called Millenials – who like nothing better than to take ownership of an occasion and share it with others.


In an era driven by a thirst for discovery, contrasts and moments to be enjoyed and shared, experimenting with the vast array of wine regions is an extremely fortuitous opportunity.

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NellyRodi, the international trend forecasting agency with a passion for the future, provides inspiration for corporate forward planning. It has deciphered for us (and the entire wine industry) the six major consumption occasions popular with today’s and tomorrow’s consumers. Its forward-looking vision is an invitation for all of us to contemplate ways of choosing and consuming wines in a new light.



Free from conventions and constraints, brunch can be enjoyed at any time of the day and is a great excuse to pair one’s favourite foods and discover other people’s preferences in different countries. The atmosphere is light-hearted and joyful, and the wines constantly cross each others’ paths.



Both healthy and flavourful, lunch opens up a vast array of possibilities for those with a mindset geared to the future in search of improved wellness. This is when cool climate wines fully deliver on their promise of lightness, offering myriad positive attributes.



The aperitif has become a vehicle of expression for Generation Y and its contradictory attitudes. Its representatives are creative, enamoured with technology and the start-up culture but also lovers of ‘detox’ moments in the great outdoors. This is a gift for our cool climate wines and their inherent contrasts – they can adapt to suit ‘omni’ needs.



Dinner is not an occasion to be rushed, with consideration given to key ingredients and pairings. But it also revolves around place and involves choosing the right location for a speciality, changing locations for each course and selecting various places for home delivery. Our wines are becoming tuned in to this trend – they go hand in hand with them and meet high expectations in terms of quality and local sourcing.



Classic and newly minted celebrations are planned ahead, enjoyed to the full and talked about. In a corporate, family or clan environment, new celebrations are prompting a desire to meet up. Wines are shared and are pivotal to these events.



Parties are all about ebullient, transient celebrations, mystery and elegance. Cool climate wines have embraced this revival of glitz and imagination and are an integral part of the fun.


NellyRodi vinovision Paris, Wine paris, trendbook, omni moments, témoignage, testimonial
“Like other lifestyle sectors, wine is having to contend with a more knowledgeable and multi-faceted consumer. And this is opening up some exciting prospects!” Pierre-Edouard Martial, NellyRodi.
NellyRodi is an international trend forecasting agency which has had a passion for the future since 1985. It provides the inspiration for corporate forward planning, supports businesses and helps them roll out design and marketing strategies.

In 2017, VinoVision Paris and NellyRodi joined forces to present a refreshing and forward-looking vision for cool climate wines. Discover the results of this reflection.

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