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Revolving around three prominent, targeted themes – taste, organic and environmentally-friendly schemes and innovation – the Wine Talks will epitomise the vitality of the wine industry and echo current and future trends and consumer expectations. An inviting, refreshing hotbed of discussion in a round-table format, it will allow a raft of passionate and engaging personalities to take the floor and share newly-minted ideas.

Monday 10 February: DELICIOUS DAY

The myriad aspect of taste

Delicious Day will be the focal point of the opening day. There is no question that the wine world elicits the senses and taste buds, paving the way for a range of content to be explored: taste as a vehicle for emotions, transmission and culture; the multi-faceted connections between wine and food and their evolution. As consumers become increasingly knowledgeable, they are more receptive to new flavours and seek out originality as a source of pleasure in what they drink and eat. This highly charged topic will echo the role of the wine merchants, restaurateurs and sommeliers who select and source wines, thereby acting as conveyors of stories and tastes to their customers.

The programme on Monday 10 February 2020

12pm: Is there a French taste? Sensory tasting versus technical tasting
Olivier Poussier, World’s Best Sommelier, with Pascaline Lepeltier, France’s Best Sommelier

1pm: Food and wine pairings – objective or relative? 
Olivier Poels (RVF) and Alain Dutournier from the Carré des Feuillants

2pm: Does oakiness sell wine?
Thierry Dussard, journalist (Vigneron, Les Echos), Albéric Bichot (Domaines Albert Bichot) and Alfred Tesseron (Château Pontet-Canet and Cognac Tesseron) 

3pm: What are restaurant-goers looking for? A follow-through of the Opinion Way survey
Gabrielle Vizzavona, journalist (La Tribune…) and Guillaume Muller from the Garance restaurant

4pm: Are wine merchants conveyers of art and culture? An international comparison of changing customer expectations
Bruno Quenioux, wine merchant in Paris (Philovino), Filippo Gastaldi, Enoteca and 2014 Best Lombardy Sommelier and Patrick Jourdain, wine merchant in Auvergne and chairman of the Professional Wine Merchant’s Organisation   

5pm: Marketing by taste: Using sensory aspects to communicate. Comparative insight from the food industry
Arnaud Daphy, SOWINE

Tuesday 11 February: WONDERFUL DAY 

The organic and ethically responsible commitment by an entire wine industry

Tuesday will be a ‘green’ day! The multi-faceted organic, sustainable and ethically responsible trends, at both production and market distribution levels, will be deciphered. The aim is to gain a better understanding of the significance and relevance of certifications; gauge their value and profile; decipher upcoming certifications and endorsements; and to get a handle on consumer responsiveness. This theme tackles a critical, anticipated and constantly evolving topic and the commitment by all businesses affected by these deep-seated changes, in a bid to build tomorrow’s world.

The programme on Tuesday 11 February 2020 

12pm: The certification jungle: an overview of the different endorsements
Fabien Humbert (RVF), Xavier Gomart (MD Tain co-operative winery) and Edouard Cassanet (MD Lugny co-operative winery), plus IFV MD (Jean Pierre Van Ruyskenvelde)

1pm: Natural wines - evolution or revolution?
Antoine Gerbelle (Tellement Soif, France Inter) and Pascaline Lepeltier, France’s Best Sommelier

2pm: Organic wines in the world
Gérard Bertrand

3pm: The power of organic and environmentally-friendly endorsements.
Xavier Leclerc (Auchan) and Virginie Morvan (Lavinia

4pm: Another way of interpreting organic, biodynamic and natural wines. How can they be approached and classified?
Denis Saverot, Editorial Director of the RVF and Philippe Faure-Brac, World’s Best Sommelier, Chairman of the French Sommelier Organisation UDSF

5pm: Data on consumer expectations of organic
Arnaud Daphy, SOWINE

Wednesday 12 February: CREATIVE DAY

The dynamic effect of innovation to improve wine sales

And last but not least, the final day will address innovation and how it facilitates transmission and conversations between the influencer and the buyer, making the buying and consumer experience more rewarding. Through new products, new sales methods and disruptive tools and services, wine 2.0 is emerging and offering up new prospects, spearheaded by a range of businesses, both traditional and new to the industry, including start-ups.

The programme on Wednesday 12 February 2020

12pm: Do resistant grape varieties threaten the identity of vineyard sites or terroirs?
Christian Paly, Chairman of the INAO wine committee and Xavier Planty (Château Guiraud)

1pm: Digitisation of the wine industry and short supply chains
Loïc Tanguy of Les Grappes

1:45pm: Winetech’s new format: the catalyst for innovation in the wine industry
Laurent David, Chairman of Winetech

2pm: New applications, new services
Arnaud Daphy, SOWINE

3pm: Matcha versus France’s Best Sommelier: a battle between a virtual and a real sommelier
Thomas Dayras, creator of the application and Gaëtan Bouvier, 2016 France’s Best Sommelier and 2019 Master of Port 

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These themed day events have received the patronage of OIV (International Organisation of Vine and Wine) for their contribution to creating and sharing insight with the global wine industry.

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